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Division 6 Northwest Regiment North Oregon Battalion
Oregon Cascade Young Marines
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Adult Of The Year

Mr. Clyde A. (Tony) Rizzutto (2010)
Mrs. Karla M. StJohn (2011)

    During the Summer of 2008, Oregon Cascade Young Marines was less than a year old and struggling. The future of Oregon Cascade was in jeopardy. At a meeting of staff and parents only two RA Marines and a few parents expressed support for accepting the challenge. Mrs. Karla St John, as a parent, immediately asked what she could do and expressed her intentions to learn whatever needed to be done. Mrs. St John became a registered adult June 17, 2008.

The responsibilities of the Adjutant are broad and the work demands match the magnitude of the breadth. It is a demanding and stressful job, especially for a new Unit trying to get established without having enough experienced staff. Mrs. St John became the Adjutant and began to learn about the Young Marines and all of the administrative requirements. With a "can do" attitude she created filing systems and reorganized the records.

Mrs. St John has conducted some excellent training sessions covering the subjects of Drug Demand Reduction, Red Ribbon Week, and administrative procedures she has developed to help the Unit function more efficiently. Mrs. St John attends all Unit events and does so willingly.

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