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Division 6 Northwest Regiment North Oregon Battalion
Oregon Cascade Young Marines
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Young Marine Of The Year

Blake W. DeWeese (2010)
Alli M. Escamilla (2011)

    In November of 2009, LCpl Escamilla was assigned the duties of a YM 1stSgt. While performing the duties of a 1stSgt she was responsible for organizing the first and final formations of each drill, plus ensuring that money for chow was collected and physical training was conducted. Later LCpl Escamilla was also assigned the duties of the YM Senior DI, responsible for two YM LCpl DI's and 23 recruits starting training November 21, 2009. She served as YM Senior DI providing meritorious service through the completion of recruit training on February 27, 2010.

When called upon to serve in a demanding and stressful duty assignment requiring extraordinary discipline, leadership, and teamwork, this Young Marine performed in an exemplary manner meeting all requirements of the positions. With completion of recruit training LCpl Escamilla continued to provide meritorious service to the Young Marines program while performing the duties of 1stSgt through March of 2010.

When a special Boot Camp was planned for a new recruit training cycle starting in April of 2010, LCpl Escamilla volunteered to be a YM DI. By unhesitatingly doing so she demonstrated her selfless attitude to be a team member and do whatever is needed to support other Young Marines. During this recruit training cycle she was not the YM Senior DI, but she still performed her duties to the best of her abilities through to the successful graduation of Boot Camp on June 23, 2010.

During August of 2010, LCpl attended and successfully completed Junior Leadership school. Whether serving and supporting superiors or subordinates, LCpl Escamilla consistently demonstrates the exemplary leadership trait of doing the best she can, without regard for who gets the credit.

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