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Recruit Training Overview

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Recruit Training is open to all youth 8 years of age through high school. The OCYM Recruit Training will be held where we drill at the Navy and Marine Corps Swan Island Training Center in Portland. Before beginning recruit training, both the interested youth and at least one parent/legal guardian must attend an orientation pre-registration meeting.

Due to the fact that we hold drill on a secure facility, there are security measures we must follow whenever we meet. It is imperative that you let us know you are coming to the orientation meeting. If your name is not on a list for the gate watch/guard, you will not be allowed to enter. Reserve your spot at an orientation meeting by clicking the following link to email the Information-Recruiting Officer.

Applications will be accepted at the orientation meetings and must be received before the first day of recruit training. The Adjutant will review and administratively process the applications accepted. Young Marines insurance coverage requires that all required information is entered into the national database for a youth to be covered.

The Unit charges $75 for the first registration for youth and $50 for subsequent annual registrations. Registration is $20 for adult volunteers for the first and subsequent registrations. This covers insurance and registration costs for youth and adults plus first year youth recruit training expenses. Recruits receive the Basic Guidebook, cover, belt, blousing bands, national t-shirt, accessories (i.e. dog tags), and other initial supplies associated with recruit training. Recruits start with a uniform of a gray sweatshirt, white crew neck t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. Boots and camos will not be needed until after a few Recruit Training drills which will give each recruit time to opt out without additional costs for parents. Registration fees do not cover the Woodland camos (approximately $40), boots (jungle non-scuff approximately $25), or the Unit day pack ($30),

Recruit training will be held where we drill at the Navy and Marine corps Swan Island Training Center in Portland. We are also guests of the coast Guard Station galley for chow. These are active military installations with security procedures regarding access and conduct.

Recruit Training drill day hours are 0830 - 1600. (The gate is manned at 0815 and unmanned at 1600 so all parents need to be through the gate and on base prior to 1600.)

The following is from the Unit Commander Manual:

1. Recruit Training . (See the Training Officer’s Manual) The conduct of unit training is generally left to the discretion of the unit commander, however, recruit training is regulated by the National Headquarters. The recruit training consists of a 26-hours curriculum that must be attended to ensure that all Young Marines are taught the same basic fundamentals.

2. Recruit Performance Objectives - The Young Marine Recruit must be signed off on the following enabling objectives from the Basic Young Marine Guidebook. These are the objectives required to graduate recruit training and become a Young Marine Private. These are the only objectives that need to be taught during recruit training.

a. Performance Objective 1 - Enabling Objectives: EO1a-d, EO2a-b, EO3a, EO4a-c, EO11a-b.
b. Performance Objective 2 - Enabling Objectives: EO1a, EO2a-c, EO3a, EO4a, EO6a-b, EO8a (terms shaded in grey in the basic guidebook)
c. Performance Objective 3 - Enabling Objectives: EO1b, EO8a-e.
d. Performance Objective 4 - Enabling Objectives: EO2a-e.
e. Performance Objective 5 - Enabling Objectives: EO1a The required quarterly training for this EO must be met as a recruit.
f. Performance Objective 6 - No Enabling Objectives required from this section for recruit training
g. Performance Objective 7 - Enabling Objective: EO1, EO4.
h. Performance Objective 8 - Enabling Objectives: EO3, EO4.
i. Performance Objective 9 - Enabling Objectives: EO1, EO2, EO4.

3. Units that meet on the weekend may modify the schedule to suit their needs. Units may exceed the 26 hours curriculum, however, they may not reduce any portion of the curriculum to less than 26 hours.

4. Young Marine Recruit training meetings shall be very structured and all adult instructors shall abide strictly by the Register ed Adults Code of Conduct (RACC). All Young Marine Recruit activities shall be well planned and provide a positive and purposeful experience to the Young Marine Recruits.
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