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Leisa C DeBeaudry-Minner, Adjutant

The Registered Adult Manual states the position of Adjutant is the following:

The Adjutant (ADJ) is responsible to the Unit Commander for all matters pertaining to the administration of the unit. The Adjutant is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Unit Commander. The candidate must be a registered adult before the appointment.

The Young Marines Adjutant Manual states:

Proper administration is a measure of the health and well being of a unit. It is generally the first indication of whether a unit is well led and well managed. The unit commander must maintain accurate and organized administrative records of all members within the unit. The adjutant is responsible to the unit commander for all matters pertaining to the maintenance of these records. The adjutant is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the unit commander.

The Adjutants responsibilities:
  a. Registering new Young Marine recruits
  b. Submitting Adult Volunteer Applications
  c. Annually completing re-registration of all Young Marines and registered adults
  d. Maintaining and updating the Young Marine Record Book (YMRB) both in the Young Marine Database System (YMDBS) and the hardcopies, and safeguarding the hardcopies of the Young Marines Record Books (YMRB) with proper disposal when warranted
  e. Maintaining all master files of all National Headquarters blank forms & documents, unit correspondence, awards and promotions, discharges and unit by-laws.
  f. Preparing award certificates, promotion warrants, discharges, minutes of staff meetings and elections, unit rosters and special events forms.
  g. As circumstances dictate, managing the unit's inventory account.
  h. Other duties that may be assigned include, but are not limited to, attendance, ribbons & awards, etc
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