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Executive Officer

The Registered Adult Manual states the position of XO is the following:

The Executive Officer (XO) is second-in-command and assists the Unit Commander in the performance of their duties. The XO is responsible for coordinating the activities of the appointed staff. The candidate must be a registered adult and is elected by registered adults in the Unit. In the Unit Commander's absence, the XO assumes the duties of the Unit Commander.

The Young Marines Unit Commander Manual states the position of XO is the following:

  a. Responsibility - The executive officer is responsible to the unit commander. The executive officer advises and, under the direction of the unit commander, assists in the discharge of the unit commander's duties. The executive officer is elected by the registered adults within the unit.

  b. Duty - The executive officer shall perform duties as directed by the unit commander. At a minimum, the executive officer shall:
    1) Serve as the second in command. In the absence of the unit commander, assume all responsibility and perform the duties of the unit commander, until such time as the unit commander resumes the post or a new unit commander is elected per the By- laws,
    2) Coordinate and supervise the adult staff to ensure the proper planning, organization, administration, and support of the unit to meet the mission, purpose and objectives of the Young Marines Program,
    3) Bring all matters requiring a decision and/or approval to the unit commander. Advises the unit commander on all matters pertaining to young marines, registered adults, management, morale, discipline, and safety,
    4) Serves as the president of all review boards and forwards all findings and recommendations to the unit commander for action, and
    5) Perform any other duties as deemed necessary or directed by the unit commander for the good of the unit.
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