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Leisa C DeBeaudry-Minner, Information-Recruiting Officer

The Oregon Cascade Young Marines Annual Recruit Training begins in January. Potential recruits along with adult supporters must attend an orientation meeting. After orientation, recruit training begins with 7-8 Saturdays of instruction, education, and training. Following the completion of recruit training, youth earn the title of Young Marine.

Orientation Dates:
Saturday November 19th, 2016 at 0900
Saturday December 17th, 2016 at 0900
Saturday January 14th, 2017 at 0900

Recruit training starts Saturday January 28th, 2017

If you have not registered as a potential recruit, please do so at Notification & Waiting List and then you will receive recruit information such as reminders, announcements, and schedule updates via email. Recruit training is at the Navy and Marine Swan Island Training Center located at 6735 N Basin Ave in Portland, Oregon, with all drills and training scheduled so as to not interfere with holidays or Navy/Marine activities.

Join Oregon Cascade Young Marines by following these steps:
1. Subscribe to the Notification & Waiting List and add a potential recruit to receive recruit schedule updates.
2. Download or print directly from the website, the Application Form (Youth) and complete the forms. This packet requires additional information that may not be handy - so heads up!
Give it a look over-you will need to provide a copy of:
--State birth certificate
--school report card
--health insurance card (copy front/back)
--SSN (national registration membership ID# for Young Marines)
--sports physical/equivalent medical clearance, or doctor letter (use copy attached).
3. A custodial parent and every recruit are required to attend a scheduled parent/recruit orientation. You may bring completed registration forms for processing and pay the first year registration fee of $75. A final deadline date for receiving registrations will be announced.

OCYM recruit training takes 6-8 meeting days and an overnight spread over about 3 months to provide the highest standard of training. OCYM recruit graduates are basically trained and earn the title of Young Marine. Because our focus is quality not quantity, we are focused on providing the highest quality of overall training and experiences during the recruit training.

Early registration 'poolies' (a Marine Corps term for recruits who have not started recruit training) program is focused on letting recruits join a few months early. Recruit 'Poolies' with completed registration may have the option of half day participation at drills to get oriented to the routine prior to the start of recruit training. The poolies program enhances the YM training and social interactions experience. Poolie dates will be announced at orientation.

Poolie training includes classroom, COD, PT, etc from the regular recruit training curriculum, but there will also be more time for tutoring in preparation for the (boot camp) recruit training later. Recruit training requires more of a regimen and there are additional requirements. Poolies in delta platoon will experience drills much like YM's.

Joining as a poolie recruit offers the opportunity for youth to test their preparation and suitability for the high standards of the Young Marines program. It will also give parents the opportunity to have their child make an assessment of suitability early, before additional costs are incurred. If a recruit drops before September or January then parents will avoid costs associated with recruit training (recruit registration, cammies, boots, etc). Every youth who keeps trying is supported by all of the staff and YM's to continue and succeed in the Young Marines, but some simply do not want to continue.

Parents of youth between the ages of 8 through high school who are interested in our next Recruit Training may subscribe (by providing a current email address) to our Notification & Waiting List click to go to our web page to subscribe or unsubscribe '>Notification List & Waiting List to be informed periodically via email of Unit activities.

Parents of youth interested in being recruits are encouraged to provide some basic information and contact information. When the form is submitted an email address verification email is sent with a link that must be clicked within a specified time. Upon clicking the email verification link the information is entered into the notification database. If a potential recruit was identified then the name and information is put on our list and the Information-Recruiting Officer is notified.

For more information or answers to specific questions, please contact the Information-Recruiting Officer via an email message by clicking on the name of the Information-Recruiting Officer above.

(If the number of Young Marines plus recruits will exceed a practical limit of the Oregon Cascade Unit drill facilities, or the recruit training group must be restricted in size for any reason, then the youth on the list will be given a priority based upon the date entered on the list.)

The Information-Recruiting Officer (IRO) is responsible to the Unit Commander for all matters pertaining to the planning, coordination, and execution of all matters pertaining to public information and recruiting in the Young Marine unit. The Information-Recruiting Officer will keep the Unit Commander, Executive Officer, and Unit staff advised of public information and recruiting activities. The Information-Recruiting Officer is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Unit Commander. The candidate must be a registered adult before the appointment.
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