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Parent Support Liaison

Parents who would like more information or answers to specific questions, may send an email message to the Parent Support Liaison by clicking on the name of the Parent Support Liaison at the top of this page.

The Parent Support Liaison (PSL) is responsible to the Unit Commander for all matters pertaining to the planning, coordination, and execution of providing liaison activities with parents of youth in the Young Marine Unit. A Parent Support Group may be utilized for fundraising and event support however, they must not be in a position where there is unsupervised interaction with Young Marines. Supervision must be provided by a registered adult member. The Parent Support Liaison will keep the Unit Commander, Executive Officer, and Unit staff advised of parent support liaison activities.

The Parent Support Liaison is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Unit Commander. The candidate must be a registered adult before the appointment.

Parent Support Group

  1) General. A Parent Support Group can be a valuable resource to a unit enabling the unit staff to focus on their primary duties.

  2) Responsibilities. The Unit Commander is responsible for all matters involving the unit’s Parent Support Group.
   a) The Unit Commander is the final authority for all decisions pertaining to the Parent Support Group.
   b) The Parent Support Group is permitted to function at the discretion of the Unit Commander and may be reevaluated by the new Unit Commander.
   c) The Unit Commander may appoint a leader among members of the Parent Support Group or they may elect among themselves a governing body approved by the Unit Commander.
   d) If the group works to the detriment of the unit, the Unit Commander has the authority to dissolve the Parent Support Group at anytime.

  3) Membership. Membership is open to any adult volunteer who wishes to participate and support unit activities and events. The adult volunteer need not be registered with the National Headquarters, nor have a child in the program. However, only registered adults can work directly with Young Marines. Members of the parent support group, who are not registered through National Headquarters, are not permitted to vote in any election or work directly with Young Marines or Young Marine recruits.

  4) Tasks. The Parent Support Group:
    a) Must support the Unit Commander and unit staff,
    b) Make recommendations or suggestions to the Unit Commander and unit staff on matters of support to the unit,
    c) Assist the unit staff members as requested by the Unit Commander and,
    d) Serve the fundraising, transportation, supervision, training, catering, event planning (birthday ball, walk-a-thon, etc.) and other support needs of the unit.
      i) Non-registered adults performing duties in relation to fundraising, transportation, logistics, catering, event planning or other support areas must utilize a registered adult when the need to work with Young Marines or Young Marine recruits is required.
      ii) Example – The person in charge of a fundraiser may, upon approval by the Unit Commander, plan and coordinate a fundraising event. They may present the fundraiser to the group, pass out information, order forms, collect order forms and monies and distribute items. In the event the fundraiser requires more direct contact with the Young Marine, such as a spaghetti dinner, the person in charge will let the registered adult know what needs to be done by the Young Marines and the registered adult will then instruct the Young Marines in their duties.

  5) Rules and Regulations.
    a) All decisions by the Unit Commander are final.
    b) Adult volunteers are not covered by the National Headquarters liability and accident insurance unless they are registered with the National Headquarters.
    c) All funds raised on behalf of the unit are the immediate property of the unit and subject to the Young Marines National By-Laws and must be turned over to the unit paymaster as soon as possible.
    d) The Parent Support Group may not open or maintain a separate banking account for any purpose.
    e) The Unit Commander must keep the Parent Support Group informed of how funds raised by the group are used.
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