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Leisa C DeBeaudry-Minner, Quartermaster

The Quartermaster (QM) is responsible to the Unit Commander for all matters pertaining to the accounting of equipment and supplies of the Unit. The QM is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Unit Commander. The candidate must be a registered adult before the appointment.

The duties of the Quartermaster include control of inventory and accounting for all supplies and equipment belonging to the Unit. The Quartermaster works with the Adjutant to ensure administrative controls are in plcae for the storage, maintenance, distribution, and disposal of the Unitís general supply items.

The Quartermaster manages the Unit's inventory of all supplies purchased or donated.

Young Marines needing new or replacement gear such as ribbon bars, ribbons, nametapes, patches, national t-shirts, covers, etc. will complete and turn in an order form, which can be found in the Unit office, to the Quartermaster.

Should you have uniform pieces that are still in passing uniform-inspection quality that you are no longer able to wear, please consider donating these items to the Unit. Contact the Quartermaster for any uniform donations and to inquire regarding items available for resale to Young Marines.
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