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Oregon Cascade Young Marines
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Dean P Golden, Unit Commander

The Unit Commander is responsible for everything the unit does or fails to do. The Unit Commander is elected by the registered adults within the unit every two years. Upon assuming command, the Unit Commander shall abide by the By-laws and shall follow and enforce all rules and regulations governing the program from higher headquarters. The candidate must be a registered adult and a former or retired Marine with an honorable discharge or an active or reserve Marine in good standing.

The Unit Commander shall perform the necessary duties that provide positive leadership and prudent management of the unit. The Unit Commander shall plan, organize, administer, and support the unit to meet the mission, purpose and objectives of the Young Marine Program.

Safety is always paramount and the first concern of all Unit Commanders. All Young Marines activities and events must be safe for all Young Marines, registered adults, and volunteers. There is no excuse for conducting activities or events under unsafe conditions. Anyone present has a moral obligation to cease any young marine activity if it is deemed unsafe. Unit Commanders shall never take any risk that potentially may jeopardize the safety of a young marine, adult staff or volunteer. Unit Commanders must always err on the side of safety. Registered adults are highly encouraged to become CPR and Basic First Aid certified.

The Unit Commander shall ensure that all reports are complete, accurate and submitted to the appropriate Headquarters on or prior to the respective suspense date.
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